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Awareness equals Enlightenment

by robert cinque

If you can read and understand this sentence, then you are enlightened. The proof?  There is nothing under or before Awareness. Awareness exists prior to “under” and “before”.

You can’t be a little bit pregnant and you can’t be a little bit aware. You are either pregnant or not, aware or not.

What you are aware OF can vary widely. If you are a pickpocket, you see only pockets. If you are a hammer you see only nails.

If you are Awareness you are the Screen on which hammers and nails appear.

Even if you are only aware of nails you are still Aware. I capitalize Awareness because it is what I call God, the Condition of all conditions.

For untold millennia, we have missed this most basic fact:  Awareness is Primary. Awareness precedes the content of Awareness.

Consciousness precedes objects.  Therefore, Consciousness is primary. Objects are secondary.

“Objects do not have existence. Existence has objects” Rupert Spira

Therefore, Consciousness Itself deserves to be the subject of our scientific investigations, not just objects and the laws governing them.

Objects are like mushrooms that sprout from the much larger condition, the enormous mycelial organism.

Objects are like fruit on the Tree of Awareness.

The importance of this hierarchy cannot be overstated. Without it, we are doomed to Scientific Materialism and Religious Superstition and all the other dreadful swamp creatures of the Separate Self, that infamous ego/object/focus of attention.

When Attention traces Itself back to Awareness, perception and “me” and “you” fade into the background and Awareness shines forth as the Light of Life and Love. That’s right. Awareness is Light and Light is Love. That’s why Awareness equals enlightenment, because Love is the primal Condition. If you are Aware, you are Love.

If that’s not enlightenment, it’s close enough for me.

It IS enlightenment. The reason we miss it is because it is so all pervading, so ordinary. A fish doesn’t notice the ocean either.

When this became clear to me, I still couldn’t accept it. How could I be enlightened? Me? With all my many faults and shortcomings? The junkie on the street is enlightened?

Yes. He just doesn’t know it. Like me, he is fascinated and hypnotized by the shiny trinkets and tacky jewelry of the Separate Self.

The Narrative of the Separate Self is a lot like the medical treatments that are worse than the disease itself. In March of 2019 a story was manufactured about a killer virus that was sweeping the world and killing millions of people. Then came vaccines and masks and lockdowns and social distancing and heart attacks and economic ruin.

Was it the killer virus that caused all the suffering and deaths, or was it the vaccines and lockdowns?

The Black Magicians and Sorcerers who cook up this vile brew and dish it out on the Evening Ooze will tell you that it’s the killer virus. They caused the problem with their false assumption of a killer virus and they have a great alibi. “It wasn’t the vaccines and lockdowns that caused the problem, it was Covid-19. Honest. Trust the science.”

This is what happens when the objects of Awareness dominate and obscure Awareness Itself.

Awareness is not threatened by a virus or anything else. Only the Separate Self is threatened. This is why the Gloomanatti want you divided, stapled, spindled, folded, forgotten and filed away in the basement.

Our so-called faults and shortcomings are artifacts of a false assumption: separation from Love. We are not separate from Love and we are not inside a mind and body, it’s the other way around.

What we call you and me is an object of Existence. It is a feature, a distillation, a condensation, a modulation, a state of Awareness.

It is no more separate from God than a wave is separate from the ocean.

If the wave is not separate from the ocean, then objects and bodies and minds are not separate from the God of Awareness.

All waves are oceanic and all individuals are Divine.

Only God Exists. Only Awareness Exists and all objects and individuals are made from It.

This is the Consciousness Only model of Existence and will soon replace that emaciated prisoner of mind known as Scientific Materialism.

Light and Love is our Nature. It is our essence, our Sacred Property. Every individual must reclaim their Property and cultivate Life there, in the Garden of Delight. We are not orphans born in sin and we are not refugees in our own Land. We are the noble fruits of the Tree of life.

Our Mother is dying and we are killing her with our arrogance and neglect. However, She is Pregnant with our Longing and will soon give Birth to Her Daughter and Mankind will no longer have a Mother, but a Friend and Lover.

Are you ready? Have you prepared a Place in your Heart for Her? We killed Her Mother and now we have to Care for Her Child.

This is the Ordeal of Enlightenment. It’s not all fun and games. How do you support a Child when you’re homeless yourself? When you have to live on the streets and beg for food?

to be continued…

Robert Cinque

In addition to writing essays like these, Robert Cinque also builds beautiful, affordable and comfortable yurts for homeowners and businesses in the fabulous Skagit County. Throughout the past three decades, his work has included building and installing wood art at local landmarks like the Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitstand in Rockport (WA), the Birdsview Brewery at the foot at “the American Alps” in the Pacific Northwest’s Skagit Valley, and many others. He has worked with visionary architect and organic designer Sunray Kelley for over 20 years on many beautiful projects. Together, they formed Radiant Homes and are actively engaged in the development of the Living Home, the Bioshelter, the no-mortgage, no-permit, food and energy producing home. Their work has been featured on National Geographic, MTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and represents the Greening of Architecture, a movement they consider to be the most important development since the Industrial Revolution. He says: These essays are about “dungeons of mind, the root of suffering, true sanctuary, and the glorious imperative to live intimately with That Which Is Alive As All Things. They are painful, bloody and hard-hitting (the “truth will set you free, but it will piss you off first”). They are designed to destroy what’s false and cultivate what’s real. They are not merely my opinions or philosophy; they are field reports from the underground where the Lie was deconstructed. They are wrecking balls, cosmic insults to vanity and arrogance, bulldozers and firebombs that burn out the tangled underbrush. They are intended to water the Seeds of Life buried under mountains and centuries of false beliefs, inherited “culture” and ego cults, so-called “religions”, including scientism, masquerading as truth. Idols are routinely lampooned and sacred cows are turned into hamburger as quickly as possible. I really don’t mean to offend any one personally. I’m not after them. I’m after the beliefs that are harming them: the Big Lie, the belief in separation from Love and Truth that strangles the heart and creates terrible, unbearable suffering. I love to help create Sanctuary and Shelter. I am a green builder and enjoy showing others how to build a no-mortgage, no-permit bio-shelters that also provide food and energy. cell 360-393-5663

7 thoughts on “Awareness equals Enlightenment

  • markfarrar

    if we agree that the Illusion is Real
    and that the Simulation is Real , don’t we
    have to accept that the Separate Self is also Real ?
    in this Experience of Life , aren’t Dark and Light both Real
    and absolute equals ? it seems to me that being enlightened is as
    unbalanced as being endarkened . Love encompasses all duality and polarity .

  • robert cinque

    yes, the separate self is a real illusion. i believe it exists as a learning tool, as a thing to get over, a glass ceiling that needs to be broken. It is not the enemy, it is the classroom of the Divine. And yes, love encompasses and transcends all duality and polarity. Thanks for your insightful comment!!

    • markfarrar

      Awareness … the equaliser .
      from one fungi to another …
      you’re most welcome Bob …..

  • markfarrar

    Robert , I trust that this period of quiet
    is just a hiatus , while you are busy building
    another of your fabulous creations in the woods .
    may you keep well , stay strong and have a happy Solstice !

  • markfarrar

    still building , Bob ?
    or did your sister read one screed
    too many and organise a cinque intervention ?
    either way , I send you Love and wish you Awareness too !


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