Build Your Own Shelters

I build tiny homes with living roofs & decks, luxury bed & breakfast resorts and everything in between. I can work with you and your budget. Call me at 360-393-5663 to get started. I can help you slash material costs by using salvage timber, family labor, and efficient design.

This is a page for you to learn about what you can do when you have made up your mind to try bio shelters, yurts, or treehouses. Build a living roof. This is where I share with you, and offer direct help if necessary. Contact by phone or text at 360-393-5663.

Robert Cinque building unique designs in harmony with nature

3 thoughts on “Build Your Own Shelters

  • Curts Wayne Conrad

    Namaste Brothers and Sisters

    • we are honored by your presence Wayne. thank you for subscribing to the newsletter too. We notice this and desire to bless you for being personally connected to Organic Shelter. We are real people here. Soon, Bob will host a video teleconference through the Google Meet service. We’ll send out a newsletter to announce it, as well as a post and page.

  • Robin K. Gauthier

    Some of us, while not builders, can only stare in awe, and imagine the wonderful scent of freshly cut wood…these photos are magnificent!


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