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Articles by Robert Cinque that are featured on Truth Comes To Light

Heartland Security

The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the Oppressed

The Spontaneous Outshining of Egoity

The Teachings of Abraham and Authentic Spiritual Practice

The Original Gospel of Christ

The Elephant in the Living Room is standing on my foot

Deconstructing the Lie

Truth is More than Our Ideas of It

The Garbageman

The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the oppressed

I Found the Culprit

A Spiritual Practice for Atheists, and Everyone Else

Life is Love

Waking Up Hurts

Whatever Destroyed the Towers Could Power the Planet

The How of 911 Leads to Who and Why

Vaccines, False Gods, and You

Monsters with Needles

Steal it Back

Cosmic Sex and the Twin Poles of Love on Earth

Spiritual Life is not Therapy

The Carrot and the Stick

Jesus Heist: Zionism, 911, and You

Openness, not Belief, is the Foundation of True Spiritual Practice

Salvation Theology, Armageddon, and You

No Problem

The Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood

Spiritual Consumerism, Emotional Withdrawal, and the Death of Love

How the World Works and What to Do About It.

Original Sin, 911, and You

Truth, Belief, and the End of Suffering

The Most Effective Way To Destroy Your Husband, Ruin Your Marriage, And Encourage Infidelity

The Problem in the World is not Political

Scarecrows at the Gates of Paradise

Monsters with Scriptures

Being Alive as a Human Being is a Sacred Event

The Lie

When What You Want is Too Small

Emotional Collapse, Spiritual Childishness, and the Ordeal of Growth

The Impersonators

I Am, therefore, I Love

The Purpose of Addiction and the Secret of How to Change

The Truth that sets the Heart Free

False Flags, Fake News, and You

I Found the Culprit

A Spiritual Practice for Atheists and Everyone Else

Deconstructing the Lie

American Sniper, 911, and You

Jesus Was A Savior, Not A Sacrifice

Truth, Wonder, and the End of Belief

Monsters With Scriptures

The Tyranny of Spiritual Childhood

The Impersonators

Emotional Collapse, Spiritual Childishness, and the Ordeal of Growth

The Passionate Life And Work Of Jesus Christ Is Up To Us To Complete

The Bloody River of My Revulsion And Disgust

The Elephant In The Living Room Is Standing On My Foot

Waking Up Hurts

Fire + Water = Sanctuary

Meaning Creates Language

The Itch

God’s Prayer

Worshipping at the Feet of the Golden Virus: How Good-hearted, Decent People Contribute to the Police State by Believing Lies

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone, But By Every Word That Proceeds From the Mouth Of God: Why Healthy Populations Cannot Be Dominated Nor Infected With Viruses

No Threat

Make Enquiry, Not Assumption

David’s Slingshot And the Sword of Truth

The Raping, Dominating, Manipulating, Shaming, and Degrading Of Mother Earth And All Her Children Is Now Official United Nation’s Policy

Disarming the Imposters: What Does Original Sin, Pearl Harbor, JFK, 911 and Covid 19 Have in Common?

God Is Not In Charge

You Get What You Pay For

The Direct Path to Peace and Happiness

Vanity, Arrogance and the Tyranny of False Assumptions: How I learned to Love the Painful Truth

Scientific Fraud, Medical Terrorism and the Trojan Horse of Vaccine Salvation

Why Doubt, Disillusionment,Despair and Depression Are Gateways To Authentic Spiritual Awakening

The Way To Connect With God And Nature And Oneself And Each Other Is To Stop Disconnecting

Do You Want Beautiful Lies Or The Painful Truth?

What Really Scares Me

The Sun In Your Heart Is Shining Bright

Lies Kill

The Solution

The Most Dangerous Thing On Earth

Tell Me What I Need To Know

The Greatest Excuse on Earth

Where’s The Proof?

True North

The Hammer and the Nail

Seven Colors, Two Genders, One Species And The One Who Is Alive As All Things

How To Create Diseases For Fun and Profit

Childish Stories, Fairy Tales, Hidden Agendas, and the Verifiable Truth

Confessions of an Egoholic

The Passionate Life and Work Of Jesus Christ Is Up To Us To Complete

Confessions of a Spiritual Refugee

Movies, Dreams, Games and You

Introducing The Real Wonder Woman

We are the I of God

Escaping From Techno Fascism and the Bio Security State Prison

Poisons That Destroy Intimacy and Nutrients That Nourish It

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Child Death Cult


Hide and Seek

Vaccine Hypocrisy

Battlefield Knowledge Transfer: Counter NWO Unconventional Warfare – Intro


The Illusion is Real

The Certainty of Awareness

The Whirlpool and the River

The Infinitely Spectacular Nature of Reality and Our Tragically Limited Ideas About it

The Hitman

Life is a Kiss, We are the Lips

If You Want to Bake a Cake From Scratch, You Must First Create the Universe

God’s Ventriloquists: Spiritual Malware and the Dismal Prison it Creates

Our Cosmic Love Affair: Spiritual Realware and the Desperately Needed Authentic Narrative

The Precious Beauty and Sacredness of Life

From Mild to Wild

Truth? Or Consequences?

Spiritual Sex

The Accomplice

The history of Big Pharma any idiot can understand

The Body Is The Garden Of Eden

Love As Contagion

The Staggering Wonder and Paradox of Existence

The Upside Down Man

What Is A Woman?

Conscious Light Alive As You

Reality Is Not A Social Construct

Where Are The Feminists?

The Patriarchy Continues to Dominate Women. Where are the Feminists? Part 2

Victimhood, Blame And Violence

Heartware and the End Of Transhumanism

The Forever Upgrading Human

I Didn’t Invent Reality

The Power of Human Touch

Transgenderism Is A Social Construct

Ten Ways to Transform Failure into Success

Repurposed People

Covid and a 5G Connection?

To Be At Home In The World

The Courtship Of Tara

The Obvious

Staggering Beauty and Intelligence: Voice of the Sacred Woman

Make Humanity Great Again

The Great Awakening

The End of Covid

From Control to Trust

“Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, that you do also unto me”

Reality Says I

The Good News

An Open Letter to Dylan Mulvaney

The All Important Distinction

The Happiness and Intense Pleasure of Aliveness

The Simulation is Real

Awareness Equals Enlightenment

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