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Ole Damgaard

Cold Plasma Fusion Incorporated, based in Washington State, was formed to revolutionize the Diesel industry. We have the responsibility to advocate, educate, research, and develop cutting edge technologies that will arm us in our collaborative efforts and united purpose-driven focus to improve air quality.

Mark R. Elsis

Mark R. Elsis

Earth Newspaper dot com

“Love yourself, love others as yourself,
and all of the solutions to avert our impending extinction will manifest.”
Mark R. Elsis

Anita de Francesco from Tantra Wisdom


Tantra gives us the opportunity to recognize sexual energy as a sacred force to fuel life’s intentions. It is the pathway to love, sexuality and healthy relationships. In fact it is a very cutting edge phenomenon of today. It is an ancient yoga that originated in India 5000 years ago and is now becoming one of the leading healing arts around. Tantra is a small word for a lot of love, desire, wisdom, enlightenment and passion. It is a Sanskrit word meaning to integrate the physical, emotional and sexual wholeness of one being.
Tantra trains the mind to love and respect life and what it offers; to stay in the present moment. It does not follow laws of logic but rather allows the creativeness of one’s feelings to develop. It cultivates harmonious relations and trains the consciousness to vibrate from love rather than fear. We live in a culture that wounds our soul, thus suffocating our bodies and emotions.
Tantra gives us the opportunity to recognize sexual energy as a sacred healing force and teaches to transmute this energy as one with your wholeness. Tantra is a gift that encourages the enlightenment of the senses, that offers a way out of the suffering; while freeing the soul and liberating the mind instead of adding and controlling it.
To achieve this, Tantra Wisdom™ applies a variety of tools including breath, sound, somatic’s, cobra fire orgasm breath, communication, sensate focus and more to help undo the layers that block the body from its natural pleasure source. Learn the art and spirit of the Kama Sutra and it’s depthful nature as it applies to your soul. There we open to an experience from within where we learn what our connection is to all life and beings which brings us into our present nature of authenticity; the truth. When we encounter this experience of expansion there is a greater value of orgasmic fullness which is weaved into our everyday life. Essentially you begin to make love to everything that you do.

The New Agora


Our Online Magazine is dedicated to our readers’ health, happiness, wealth and above all Freedom. Always Encouraging the Evolution of Consciousness. Beyond all limits.

The New Agora has always been a way to research and explore Life, while communicating what we felt was useful, vital and important information for our readers, viewers and participators of all kinds.  We’ve always intended and worked towards creating for ourselves a strong and loving independence, walking a path of sovereignty, all the while accepting the responsibilities of sharing that with the World.
With over a decade of printing our New Agora Newspaper to The New Agora Online,  the main theme of our lives and our work has been and always will be, Freedom. A path for Sovereign beings available to any and all, but one that can only be made real for oneself.
We’ve been asked plenty of times, what it is we do and why we are doing it? Questions worth pondering for any of us. Honestly and simply put, we work to help ourselves and others gain the traction and build the momentum to build abundant, happy, healthy and loving lives. Nothing simple or easy about that, at least not so far, but we have found, from trial and error and a willingness to put in the effort, that authenticity grows results in making the best of us come forward and manifest.  
Perhaps our main ‘claim to fame’, certainly one hard fought, is our learned skill to see through, sift and navigate our way between truthful authentic and inauthentic information, products, services, claims, movements, healers and the like, and thereby share helpful means for others to help themselves to a better more free life.
Freedom is free, but the efforts are huge. Hard work, true seeing, honest evaluations of both yourself and your business are required, for not only one’s personal growth and happiness but also to do well with us and in the community of Life. After so many years, and now, approximately half a million views per month and growing strong, we continue to feel a responsibility, not only to inform, encourage and facilitate our readers’ self-empowerment, but to always do so with integrity, truth and the courage demanded of us from the Time’s in which we live, this is also true of the people and businesses that becomes a part of this Agora in which together we create our New Now.

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