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The Infinitely Spectacular Nature of Reality and Our Tragically Limited Ideas About it

Who are you or me to plaster our caveman concepts and beliefs onto the Sacred Beauty of Life? I have nothing against beliefs and ideas, my objection is that we confuse them with Reality and our Actual Condition at Infinity.

That’s right. As Radiant, Living Consciousness, we exist at Infinity which means that no concept, no belief is adequate to explain our Situation, nor is it even necessary. What I am saying here is not a belief, it’s a discovery that you can verify and prove in your own experience.

Can you find a limit to your awareness? Does it have an edge? Is it not at the core of every perception and experience you have ever had? Could you even have any experience without awareness?


Have you ever had an experience that didn’t happen in the Now? Have you ever been anywhere but Here?

No. Therefore, Awareness must be what Reality Is, Here and Now because all perception and experience happen within it (and because of it).

Pause for a moment and look at how puny our ideas are compared to Life Itself. Ideas and beliefs are important, but useful only to the extent that they demonstrate how woefully inadequate they are.

The Elephant in the Living Room that is Standing on my Scientific and Religious Foot is The Shattering and Staggering Event of Existence Itself. Why and How could anything exist at all? It either always had to exist which is impossible, or it had to come into existence from nothing, which is also impossible.

Therefore, Existence is impossible, yet here we are anyway. I’m writing. You’re reading. What’s for lunch?

Who, or What makes the decision for lunch? To Whom does this question appear? You point to your heart and say, I am the decider and the question appears to me.

I am.

Only Infinite Consciousness can say I am.

That’s because only Consciousness Exists, the Singular Radiant Field of Living Awareness.

It speaks. It listens. It creates. It destroys. It breathes. It pulses through the cycles of birth and death, a Heartbeat that produces electromagnetic currents that create the structure of the Universe.

Electric Current, Masculine, Hot, Red, Fight or Flight

Magnetic Field, Feminine, Cold, Blue, Rest and Digest

Blood flows through the arteries (Aries, Red) into the Veins (Venus, Blue)

The Singular Radiance modulates itself into polarities and demonstrates its Unified Wholeness.

This can be seen everywhere, especially in how the mother’s love for her babies is universal throughout all species

Mother/Father/Child is the Sacred Trinity of Nature.

When this realization, the very one that all indigenous tribal people have known for millennia is restored to its rightful place at the center of human culture, all prisoners of every kind will be liberated and the Meek shall inherit the Earth.

Robert Cinque

In addition to writing essays like these, Robert Cinque also builds beautiful, affordable and comfortable yurts for homeowners and businesses in the fabulous Skagit County. Throughout the past three decades, his work has included building and installing wood art at local landmarks like the Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitstand in Rockport (WA), the Birdsview Brewery at the foot at “the American Alps” in the Pacific Northwest’s Skagit Valley, and many others. He has worked with visionary architect and organic designer Sunray Kelley for over 20 years on many beautiful projects. Together, they formed Radiant Homes and are actively engaged in the development of the Living Home, the Bioshelter, the no-mortgage, no-permit, food and energy producing home. Their work has been featured on National Geographic, MTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and represents the Greening of Architecture, a movement they consider to be the most important development since the Industrial Revolution. He says: These essays are about “dungeons of mind, the root of suffering, true sanctuary, and the glorious imperative to live intimately with That Which Is Alive As All Things. They are painful, bloody and hard-hitting (the “truth will set you free, but it will piss you off first”). They are designed to destroy what’s false and cultivate what’s real. They are not merely my opinions or philosophy; they are field reports from the underground where the Lie was deconstructed. They are wrecking balls, cosmic insults to vanity and arrogance, bulldozers and firebombs that burn out the tangled underbrush. They are intended to water the Seeds of Life buried under mountains and centuries of false beliefs, inherited “culture” and ego cults, so-called “religions”, including scientism, masquerading as truth. Idols are routinely lampooned and sacred cows are turned into hamburger as quickly as possible. I really don’t mean to offend any one personally. I’m not after them. I’m after the beliefs that are harming them: the Big Lie, the belief in separation from Love and Truth that strangles the heart and creates terrible, unbearable suffering. I love to help create Sanctuary and Shelter. I am a green builder and enjoy showing others how to build a no-mortgage, no-permit bio-shelters that also provide food and energy. cell 360-393-5663

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