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Where Are The Feminists?

by robert cinque

The male swimmer Lea Thomas was not only allowed to compete with women, he was also allowed into the women’s locker room and walked around naked. The women were not only subjected to a huge man in their swimming pool, they also were subjected to having their privacy invaded by this lurking hulk of a man who calls himself a woman.

The female swimmers were not asked if sharing their locker room with a man was OK with them. They had no say about competing against a man in a woman’s sport. They were not informed that Lea Thomas is a man who pretends to be a woman as a sexual fetish.

Where are the Feminists? Where is the outrage at the destruction of women’s right to fairness and privacy? Where is Jane Fonda? Where is Gloria Steinem? Not a peep from these traitors of Womanhood.

Lea Thomas is huge. And muscular. His strength and long arms and legs make him a powerful swimmer, towering over the women whose structure and muscles are smaller, by biological necessity. He gleefully displayed his trophy as if he had won a fair race. He clearly had the advantage but, because he says he’s a woman, we have to go along with it and, if we don’t we will be ostracized as a bigot, a “transphobe”.

It’s not that we refuse to believe lies, oh no, it’s because we have a mental disorder. This is an old Soviet and Communist tactic. Label your enemies as mentally ill, send them to the Gulag.

As I have said before, It’s not the Liars who are the problem, it’s the believers.

Anyone who refuses to face Reality, any one who imposes their false ideas upon Reality, anyone who believes lies about Reality is a coward, a weakling and a traitor and we will deserve what we get when we go along with lies.

The hypocrisy of the transgenders is beyond belief. They pretend to care about human rights, the rights of men to identify as a woman, or as anything, even a cat.

What about the rights of women and girls to reject male company and be private? What about the rights of women to compete with women?

I want everyone who is reading this to understand that censoring yourself with Political Correctness, remaining silent in the face of abuse and injustice, tolerating the destruction of Free Speech and Equality under the Law, equating tolerance of violence with compassion and “inclusivity” is the absolute worst thing you could ever do to yourself and humanity.

In the Story The Emperor Has No Clothes, the people were told that the Emperor was wearing a new and special type of clothing that could only be seen by the spiritually enlightened. The common unwashed men and women, the grubby serfs and peasants, were not evolved enough to see the new clothing.

The spiritual elite knew full well that the Emperor was naked, but they lied to themselves out of vanity and to protect their arrogance. That is the whole point of the story. Vanity and arrogance is the fuel for the egocracy, the barren desert of ego mind.

In the same way, the ghouls and demons behind Transhumanism and Transgenderism appeal to the vanity and arrogance of people who claim to have moral superiority over the rest of us who, like the little boy in the story, pointed out that the Emperor was naked.

If God Exists, if Reality is Real, if there is a Moral Order to the Universe, if Reality is immutable and impervious to our vain and hypocritical bullshit, then you can be certain that anyone who sows division and discord and delusion will reap a harvest of woe and discontent.

While I pity fools and psychotics, I don’t accept their blame when they crash their car into my brick wall. And, neither should you feel guilty when you have to face and tell the painful truth to those who are lying.

It hurts to face the painful truth, but its necessary and Life giving.

Robert Cinque

In addition to writing essays like these, Robert Cinque also builds beautiful, affordable and comfortable yurts for homeowners and businesses in the fabulous Skagit County. Throughout the past three decades, his work has included building and installing wood art at local landmarks like the Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitstand in Rockport (WA), the Birdsview Brewery at the foot at “the American Alps” in the Pacific Northwest’s Skagit Valley, and many others. He has worked with visionary architect and organic designer Sunray Kelley for over 20 years on many beautiful projects. Together, they formed Radiant Homes and are actively engaged in the development of the Living Home, the Bioshelter, the no-mortgage, no-permit, food and energy producing home. Their work has been featured on National Geographic, MTV, Better Homes and Gardens, and represents the Greening of Architecture, a movement they consider to be the most important development since the Industrial Revolution. He says: These essays are about “dungeons of mind, the root of suffering, true sanctuary, and the glorious imperative to live intimately with That Which Is Alive As All Things. They are painful, bloody and hard-hitting (the “truth will set you free, but it will piss you off first”). They are designed to destroy what’s false and cultivate what’s real. They are not merely my opinions or philosophy; they are field reports from the underground where the Lie was deconstructed. They are wrecking balls, cosmic insults to vanity and arrogance, bulldozers and firebombs that burn out the tangled underbrush. They are intended to water the Seeds of Life buried under mountains and centuries of false beliefs, inherited “culture” and ego cults, so-called “religions”, including scientism, masquerading as truth. Idols are routinely lampooned and sacred cows are turned into hamburger as quickly as possible. I really don’t mean to offend any one personally. I’m not after them. I’m after the beliefs that are harming them: the Big Lie, the belief in separation from Love and Truth that strangles the heart and creates terrible, unbearable suffering. I love to help create Sanctuary and Shelter. I am a green builder and enjoy showing others how to build a no-mortgage, no-permit bio-shelters that also provide food and energy. cell 360-393-5663

One thought on “Where Are The Feminists?

  • With regard to Lia Thomson and women’s sports: Our society was not prepared for this possibility, as we were indoctrinated to the belief that people are basically good. Lia is forcing us to re-evaluate that belief. If you are a failure of a male athlete, and your idea of overcoming that is by competing against girls and taking away their athletic achievments, then you deserve condemnation and animosity. You earned it. Robert, you’re not alone. The TERF’s would agree with you on this point.

    Lia’s own purposes are also not being served by the pretense that is ensuing. That is a man who needs psychological help. The enablers aren’t convinced that Lia is a woman: they are convinced that they have to play along to keep their jobs and avoid the axe of cancel culture. If people are not basically good, and not able to be trusted, then we have to think again about our society. how it teaches moral conduct, and disciplines misconduct.


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