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The Blowfish Gambit

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If you’re not a part of the Far Side Telegram society, you could be missing out on some fun discussions. When you “leave a comment,” you are whisked away to a secret chamber, where free and open debate is welcomed and encouraged.

One recent conversation arose over the story of the US gummint unveiling its latest toy – that we own but can’t touch – called Aurora AI, running at 2 exaFLOPS (2 quintillion floating point calculations per second).

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The poster of the link, Australien, speculated that this story was a limited hang-out and that real-time tech was already far beyond the machine’s capabilities. He went on to speculate that this supercomputer was being used to create 3D/4D models of the world, using all the bits of data we drop daily, and that this information was being used to “game” us and strategize ways to enslave us.

I cannot disagree with that assessment. With what I know about market research and how utterly predictable most of us are, and how that is weaponized to make us consume stuff, it is entirely plausible. See my Q Series for much more detail.

Being a contrarian in nearly every possible way, I offered up an alternative view – suppose the article is a psy-bomb designed to make “them” look far more powerful than they really are, by leveraging existing tech to look and act like something far more powerful? I called this the Blowfish Gambit.

The Blowfish Gambit is quite old, recommended by Sun Tzu in “The Art of War,” though I take full possession of the term. Joseph P. Farrell has speculated extensively on the possibility of leveraging UFO tech to appear more advanced than we are to an extraterrestrial foe, without fully understanding how it works. Heck, even real estate agents use it to lure in unsuspecting buyers.

With that said, suppose governments were pumping their supercomputers as psy-bombs, in an attempt to demoralize their targets and deflate resistance? We know governments lie like hound dogs, that they constantly inflate their strengths and deflate their weaknesses, and that bullshit is the most copious output of all political systems. Thus, if we see an article promoting just how strong and capable a government is, the best bet is that it is weak and incompetent.

The desired effect is to have us believe that we are incapable of fighting such overwhelming tech, and therefore why bother? Instead of using force against a population, the people just lay down and capitulate without a fight.

Have we ever seen this before? Oh yes, and to greaat effect. In the 1830s, the Prussians developed the concept of Schwerpunktprinzip, or concentrated force, to leverage military weakness by focusing everything on one soft spot.

The Nazis expanded on it in World War II, adding a psychological dimension. It was called the Blitzkrieg, or Lightning War. Weeks ahead of time, target populations were softened with propaganda about the overwhelming power and might of the Wehrmacht and the Nazi war machine. News reels in cinemas, headlines in newspapers, and mass distribution of fliers all promoted the futility of resisting the mighty invaders. It worked like a charm.

The US used it in Desert Storm, now called “Shock and Awe”. This tactic had the dual effect of demoralizing the enemy without a shot fired, and juicing up the war rallies at home. Everyone waved their flags and supported the troops, ensuring Congress allocated lots of salad for weapons manufacturers, even though the war was pretty much over before any boots on the ground arrived.

The most recent example involves the Netherlands’ donation of 40-year-old F-16s to the Ukraine. This example completes the transition from kinetic war on an enemy, to propaganda war on a population.

The F-16s in question are well beyond their shelf life, have none of the latest bells and whistles, don’t come with trained pilots (who read English), and have none of the supporting infrastructure that makes them effective. You see, F-16 fighter wings are effective because they work in tandem with satellites and AWACS, in order to “see” over the horizon, thus maximizing destructive capabilities while minimizing risk to men and machines. None of that is included with the surplus planes, of course, but news of the donation pumped up the Ukrainian population. The Russians, naturally, knew the planes were useless, so the news did nothing to them – except provide a chuckle or two around the vodka bottle.

Back to the article.

I think this Aurora AI 2 exaFLOP marvel is pure fear porn. Even if the computing power exists (have you seen a demonstration?), the fact that “sources” revealed its existence, while telling us its functions and capabilities are “highly classified and veiled in secrecy” tells me its just fluff.

First off, like the Blitzkrieg, we’ve all been softened by hysterical fear of AI, which is only as powerful as its programmers, and in any case is just a high-speed research tool for mining data, and here we recall GIGO (garbage in garbage out). It works great at revealing patterns in mountains of otherwise useless data, but that’s about the extent of it. However, putting those two letters in the name immediately brings images of silicon gods ruling our lives and our planet.

Second, the word “aurora” tells me that this is some kind of gossamer psy-op. It’s colorful and energetic. like the aurora, but insubstantial and hard to pin down. It is an illusion created out of thin air and a little electricity. Even the video of a box with blinky lights and a roomful of monitors, hovered over by breathless geeks with furrowed brows does nothing to enhance my credulity. I’ve gotten the exact same shots with a little plywood and some paint.

AI is the toothless abominable snowman in “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. It looks all scary and mystical, but as anyone knows who has tried ChatGPT or NightCafe, the promises are far beyond the deliverables. It’s just a high-speed analysis tool that is only as good as its algorithms and the database it uses.

Can AI be abused? Sure, and likely it regularly is. However, AI is not conscious and cannot make decisions that are not pre-selected. It has no insight or creativity. It cannot initiate its own actions. It’s just a big, dumb lunk that carries firewood on command.

The upshot of all this is, if the government is using AI to make strategic decisions, then what we have is a naked emperor. Our fears are based on the selected information we’ve been given, and that information is based on creating a frightening image, but has little or nothing to do with reality, and that fear is being weaponized and used against us. The article in question would not be necessary if the AI was truly a fearsome tool. The fact that we are being fed fear without substance is our first clue that we are dealing with Blitzkrieg.

The only real power the government has is the Big Lie often repeated, and they can go blow a fish with it.

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