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The Forever Upgrading Human

a flight from lies and hate to set yourself free

Post by guest author Susan Boskey

April 2023


Even the most wounded human beings recognize their innate value; they tune in to the universal capacity to connect with something larger than personality. As real as one’s lower self is (the personality/ego-mind), so also is one’s higher Self (God/source), available to the extent one surrenders the personal will of the personality/ego-mind. (Hereafter just the ego-mind.) When the God Self becomes a collective experience safety, opportunity and prosperity prevail.


  1. To illuminate the man-made inevitability of trauma, death and destruction given the elevation of the default human operating system of ego-mind,
  2. to discern what is the higher Self and reunite with it, and
  3. to offer an empowered path to the ego-mind that naturally invites one’s higher Self into active, expanded engagement.

 premise: identity from the inside-out

During a timeframe in the world of being able to assume any number of possible identities, all external identities ultimately fail to satisfy living in harmony with others and with Earth.

Everything is energy both visible and invisible and corresponds with a spectrum of frequencies from the most visible, dense desk to the invisible ethereal vibration. We are body, mind and soul. The identification as the body and mind, alone, has become most common. As such, the exclusion of the soul level of identify limits the range of how we consider ourselves and behave (treat each other) socially when left to only the ego-mind.

One’s personal consciousness exists as an invisible lens through which we see and respond. The default program of the ego-mind has collectively plunged to new self-defeating lows of greed, addiction, control, arrogance, deception and violent rage. In turn, the world as jungle is an accurate depiction.

That being said a return to affirming life is possible personally and collectively. However, to be able to achieve more than an appearance of success in this regard, the essential starting point is going ‘internal’. Self-observation and inquiry is an inside job; a safe way to see and shed the domination of a culturally conditioned eg0-mind of accumulated toxic beliefs and behaviors.

Anyone who chooses to be the best version of themselves can refresh even their darkest perceptions by being fully honest (at least) with themselves. There need not be shame or guilt for the dark side of the human condition. Conditioned ego-mind loses its power as the only reality with the honest recognitions of one’s thought process. These recognitions then become openings for our individual higher Self to renew us going forward.

The all-important foundation and starting point for the creation of a more beautiful world is to determine to make a personal fresh start. Facing traumas and toxic thoughts allows cellular openings of light/God to stream in. To regain the quality we want in the world collective we need first to become committed vessels of that quality within. Such quality is available to virtually all, and yet only happens deliberately: when someone consciously acknowledges the existence of an higher power beyond their own controlling ego-mind.

The choice then becomes to dedicate the ego-mind in service to expanding a universal source energy of love/God within. When we allow and practice receiving the frequency of universal love, it naturally grows inside and spreads outwardly. Inspired individuals and groups tip the scales towards what R. Buckminster Fuller called “a world that works for everyone.”


The Upgrading Human is a natural, cyclical phenomena of spontaneous steps towards the personal remembrance of our true identity and the commitment to shine for the sake of others.

Upgrade 1.

The first step is becoming aware that I have the power to step outside of whatever insanity is in my life at the moment and instead live in a state of grace. It is not about changing anything externally: gender, looks, a relationship, a job, a living situation or the food I eat, etc. It is about committing to become my best version.

I question and see how my primary family ties and culture have shaped the way I think and behave. I learned how some emotions were acceptable in family and society, and how some were not. I did my best to suppress those that were not. But now I see through these agreement I blindly accepted. Sometimes it can be scary to be on the outside looking in, questioning that which once I believed and lived by.

Upgrade 2.

Fear, perhaps even more than anger, has been a driving force when I review how I have made important decisions. Fear of the future has plagued me.

Upgrade 3.  

I have made many mistakes, hurt people and been hurt. I have suffered but am not alone. Most everyone is going through something, somewhere in the world. Suppression, negative emotions and violence are everywhere as the dark side of the human condition.

Upgrade 4.

The unconscious nature of the human condition does not have to stay that way. It is possible to see it for what it is. Additionally, I need to recognize my own personal contribution to the darkness of that condition; it’s a choice. No one said it was going to be easy.

Upgrade 5.

I realize that human beings were designed to experience the universal quality of love. This helps me to acknowledge dark thoughts and mean spirits within and changes everything. I am safe to see and feel what has been going on inside me as I lift the suppression button. No blame. Darkness, once admitted, is pierced by light, losing power until it totally dissolves.

Upgrade 6.

It occurs to me that I am is not the darkest parts of myself, nor am I my best parts: I am none of my thoughts or my feelings. Who I am is an eternal being connected with the eternal source of life. I was not born and I cannot die. I choose surrender of my ego-mind.

Upgrade 7.

I am open to and receive resonant frequencies of love from my higher Self during moments of inspired presence. I am humbled by new light being born within.

Upgrade 8.

I admit how I get triggered out of presence and into old behaviors. As the observer I notice that I am not able to stop myself sometimes from doing so. Yet because I am willing to see my own behaviors, honestly, I can also decide to do it differently next time. No blame.

Upgrade 9.

The more I lift the suppression button to know and feel what’s actually true for me, I gain courage to deconstruct the lies and fantasies that have crippled me. I feel compassion for myself and others. The more I drink-in the blessings of a state of grace, the more I accept my human condition. The more I accept my human condition, the easier it is to make corrections towards the best version of an ego-mind, one guided by my higher Self. I dedicate my life to being a transmitter of the deepest quality of universal love.

Susan has chosen a path less traveled. Her curiosity about life, and health in particular, fueled her determination to learn everything she could about natural health for body, mind and soul. She intervenes in the noise of modern life to offer freedom from stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain to a welcomed, felt-sense of wellbeing. Her online course, the CannaWisdom Process™~wellbeing in a troubled world, provides step-by-step, careful self-care instructions for the medicinal use of cannabis. A healthy, new perspective on life without the use of pharmaceuticals is possible. Visit

Susan Boskey

Susan is a regular contributor to the Organic Shelter blog. She also provides spiritual support through her Lion's Roar Ministry. Her e-mail address is

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