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Religion is a Fraud

Dear Friends. The post below is by guest author Gospel Yeshua. The views expressed are entirely her own and this post has been made with Robert Cinque’s permission. Love, Robert.

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I wrote this as a letter to Robert on Sep. 3, 2022 and that explains the format. Begin this journey with reading about pareidolia.


My subject today Sep. 3, 2022 is that religion is a fraud / pareidolia

You have done a good deal of help to influence this message that I am writing to you and you have indicated also that you agree with this statement. We talked a lot about this referencing your own experiences and teachings, Alan Watts, Rupert Spira and probably others that I don’t remember. If I am correct, U.G. Krishnamurti would have agreed too.

Part I – Definitions

People ask questions fraudulently and they deserve to be deceived by the gurus and saviors that they seek.

People will ask questions as if they are seeking spiritual truth or guidance. ( this part of my message is straight out of U.G.’s essays )

Those people are lying when they make a question. They are lying in the sense that they have no interest in hearing any answer other than their already preconceived answers. They do not want answers. They want confirmation, agreement, encouragement, self-aggrandizing smug satisfaction of being correct and superior to others. They are holier than thou.

A few years ago a woman who was miserable and decided to confide in me about her sadness & misery, was brain damaged due to years of crystal meth usage. She was willing to be healed of her brain injury and to experience the joy of Christian love. She was a Christian believer, and so am I. I took the words of Jesus literally and, with her permission, I put my hands on her head and commanded the demons of brain injury and illness to leave her in the name of Jesus. Nothing happened. I told her to thank God for the victory in the Spirit, and that the healing would appear in her body as it worked through her soul outwards. I believed what I told her. Our friendship ended sadly, because of her mental illness. I thought about this woman all day today. Because I cannot persuade people to believe these words if they are not true. And yes I am totally aware of what Jesus taught about faith and unbelief.

In a different message I spoke to you at length about “pareidolia.” When we experience pareidolia now, we do not count it as anything other than something curious, nice or entertaining. That is not the case for our ancestors. Everything that they experienced had a pareidolia associated with it that was as real as the ground under their feet. Belief then is not the same as belief now. Belief now implies that you will continue to dishonestly repeat a statement of belief as a spell to ward off unbelief, even as evidence piles up to inform you that your belief is not accurate. Believers are not virtuous. They are in denial. Trying to believe, as our ancestors did, is like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. Religion, today, is a fraud.

There is something to be said about mentally ill people who believe that they can see things that are not there and hear voices that are not present. I am not certain, but, they could be naiively unaware that they have a sense of pareidolia that is very sensitive. In other words, it is 100% real to them, not a figment of imagination, because they do not know that their brains are capable of experiencing pareidolia that intense.

Part II – Proto creation myth – the original cosmology

The summary that I find of the various things that you have told me have a lot in common with what is called the Proto-creation myth. The scholars who study language, mythology, anthropology and archaeology have concluded that all of the creation myths from northern europe throughout the middle east and asia have clues in them that they were descendants of a previous myth that preceded them and influenced them. Although it was never recorded and cannot be verified, it has been reconstructed from clues.

That myth goes like this. The human being is a microcosm of the cosmos. The wind is like his breath. The grass is like his hair. His flesh is the earth. His blood is the water. What happens in the cosmos happens in man and vice-versa.

I agree with you in the sense that our daily lives are important to us, and not the vagaries of black holes in other galaxies. So whether or not your teachings are in line with any creation myth, losing our perspective by looking elsewhere for satisfaction is the point of your teachings regarding these matters. If you are not an astronaut and you can never be one, what shall you gain by sitting in your home pining away for an opportunity to participate in space exploration? They’ve already determined that interstellar travel is impossible.

Is this the meaning of the saying “Man is the measure of all things.” ?

Part III – Utopia for small intentional communities built from love

My purpose for laying out all of the above is not to persuade people to pursue a particular path. Every individual must decide their own path. One such path is to choose people who you know well. That you have determined to have humanistic values, honesty, and shared values. To love in small community of cooperation and mutual respect. For no other reason than the fact that it is their desire. To rediscover the real technology. Love. Making your own pottery. Making your own shelter. Raising and preserving food.

People who have taken the truth of our world and life as a license for psychopathic behavior are not unholy. They are not desirable to us. They have a holiness of their own. Holiness is what you want it to be. But that is the criticism that is frequently aimed at non-believers, which is that non-belief results in nihilism.

Part IV – Healing human illnesses

One of the things that you put forth very well has to do with the germ theory and the cause of illnesses. Part of what you said has been confirmed by scientists that studied a certain kind of children’s leukemia. They studied patients and their life histories. They found out that all of these patients had one thing in common. They came from very affluent families that raised their children in ultra-clean sterile environments. They were able to determine that children that are raised in environments where there are germs present do not get cancer. That also has been seen with families that have cats and dogs. Strictly following scientifc protocols as a religion can have consequences it seems.

By Shelby Lessig – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Part V – Art is defined by its unpopularity as a conceited pursuit to exert elitist power

If you ask someone who is a professional involved with Art, like a gallery curator, art professor, art dealer.

Is art for the many or the few?

The likely answer that you will get, although awkwardly and ashamedly will be that it is for the many.

It is not.

This part may deserve its own post. I would probably not post it if there is not enough interest in the implications of this statement. You tell me what you say first.

Gospel Yeshua

An American Evangelical Christian

5 thoughts on “Religion is a Fraud

  • markfarrar

    I lived with and cared for schizophrenic men in Bristol , England
    for 5 years , so your notion about pareidolia and mental illness
    rings true and very insightful , to my mind . interesting …..

    • every writer lives to hear comments like this. i am so very pleased that you spent your time reading this today. it was a thrill to be validated by another kind caring and intelligent soul.

  • markfarrar

    oi ! don’t you go tickling my ego , he’s a light sleeper .
    your imagination and perceptions are as valid
    and valuable as anyone elses , my lovely . write more !

    • i am honored and encouraged. i will write more soon. your ego is shattered as you are giving of yourself in great heaps to others. service to others is our joy.

  • markfarrar

    bullshit tends to come in great heaps too , so ,
    the broken shards of my ego thank you for that …
    one of my biggest joys is to laugh at my own crapness !


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